Tuesday, February 25, 2020

SOST; Harriet Tubman

In SOST, we have been researching about the slave trade and making a presentation about Harriet Tubman from the information we had gathered.

Friday, February 14, 2020

What does it mean to be a mathematician?

What does it mean to be a mathematician?
I don't know had to answer this, but I think what it means for me..... the truth is I actually don't know my mind is literally blank on to write so I'm just writing this so you know. I have a minor idea just to work at your own pace. you make a mistake and you also learn from them.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

SOST; Human rights

In SOST we have been learning about human rights. This list below contains the list of the rights that everyone should be able to have.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Friday, November 29, 2019

English; 30-35 sec film Recap

 In English for the past 3 weeks, we have been working towards producing a 30-35 second film, I believe we have finished the film overall editing we do not have the film yet because someone doesn't have any data to do so. So the video will be here on this post soon. 

Our overall teamwork was excellent, we agreed on everything and listened to each other suggestions. It was pretty fun to do this even tho I was the one filming and making many mistakes.

(All of the Blog posts of our progress and goals are down below)


SOST; Sustainability Inquiry

This isn't necessarily proofread so they may be the wrong words, punctuation in the wrong, place and repetition.

What is the environmental/social sustainability issue?
Deforestation is one of the biggest and most vital sources of pollution.
Humans taking away homes, land from animals and other species for
factors and palm oil-based plant farms. And making room for other
unnamed things. 20 percent of the world's oxygen is produced by
the Amazon forest. Half of the world's tropical forests have already
been cleared out, this increases the rate of global warming. This is
an issue that may not affect us now but will diffenently affect us in
the near future and how will live in our own lifestyles. There are
many endangered species homes that are being taken away due to
us taking away from their homes. 80 percent of the earth's land
animals and plants are affected that live in forests. deforestation
threatens species including, orangutan, Sumatran tiger,
and heaps of species of birds.

What factors have caused this issue? Humans mainly and wildfires. And human-made farms and factories degrading the environment. pollution will grow more and moreover the earth. From wood extraction, (logging or wood harvest for fuel or charcoal) For road building and more land for the growing population. there is not really a direct cause for deforestation which comes from any things mainly us at the most. The causes are livestock ranching, logging, overpopulation, and lastly Infrastructure Expansion. The main things cause soil erosion, water cycle, loss of biodiversity, and at the last climate change. Deforestation takes many endangered species by letting them crowd up in the bit of forest that is left or even left to die.

What will happen if this issue continues to degrade? The earth may slowly begin to turn into an overpopulated sandy rock and over-polluted, there would be less air to breathe by that more carbon dioxide and other gasses polluting us and the entire earth. they are used for, wastelands, urban use, logged area, mining, fires, logging, it is estimated in within 100 years time there will be no rain forests left. the rate of deforestation equals the loss of 20 football fields every minute. The overexploitation of forests is making it difficult to replant new life/plants. Deforestation affects the water cycle. We would have fewer animals and other creatures roaming the earth and this will affect the many food chains linking to other species to become extinct.

What are the possible solutions to this issue (either being currently done or could be done)?  Plant new trees, use other products than wood, recycle used paper give it another purpose. Stop ruining the forests for factories and other uses for money. We need to preserve the things we already have and keep on reusing them, instead of taking more away. Reduce the amount of beef we take in, to tone down the pressure to clear more forests for cattle. we could also cut down the use of paper plates and plastic utensils. and using a refillable drink bottle and filling them with tap water. Choose reusable items over disposable. Also repairing leaky faucets and taps and toilets, collecting rainwater for gardens and you could also green up your lawns with a variety of plants and trees. Startup a compost pile.

Overall I believe that I did well to find/to search for information for this deforestation project, I think I well packed these with my best prior knowledge from past learning. From the sources, I only needed to use two of them I actually didn't need the others because I found so much on the others. I learned about the problems and effects causing deforestation, ranching, wastelands, urban use, logged area, mining, fires, logging all of these problems are mostly human-caused. The solutions to deforestation are, collecting rainwater, green up your lawns with a variety of plants and trees, and start up a compost pile. I've learned so much more than I intended now I really understand the impacts and the solutions onto the environment more clearly. 
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Thursday, November 28, 2019

English; Write that essay

1. Spot the dog sniffed a bone
2. Thor raised the hammer
3. The ancient Greeks pointed a taser
4. President trump drank too much wine
5. Mum, Mrbrown climbed a tree
6. The sports stadium filled with fans
7 President Trump rode a moose


1. Savagely prince Fiona rode a moose
2. Brutally the ancient greeks fought the orc army
3. Athletically spot the dog ran a marathon.
4. Fortunately, global warning shocked the world
5. Unexpectedly, spot the dog pointed a taser


1. When the enemy approached, president trump drunk too much whine
2. While discussing philosophy,  clearance and jeff sniffed a bone
3.  While fossil fuels continue to be used, global warning shocked the world
4. When out for a stroll, President Trump shocked the world


1. Standing before thousands, the ancient greeks drunk too much whine.
2. Ignoring the rules president trump pointed a taser
3. Breathing heavily thor ran a marathon
4. Yelling a battle cry, mum, rode a moose
5. Feeling burning blisters mum carried heavy bags.


1. Appointed by a small majority, the ancient greeks carried heavy bags
2.  Motivated by spectators Mr brown ran a marathon
3. Dazed by the intense sun, Thor rode a moose
4. Triggered 150 years ago, global warming shocked the world
5. Empowered by the gods, the ancient Greeks, fought the orc army.


1. Andre, who had no self-control pointed a taster
2. Thor, who skipped school climbed a tree
3. President Trump, who nobody liked fought the orc army